BIOSIS, states. EE2009-2019

  • Performance in micro-movements by Catherine Nowak. Conception & movie director : Laure Gervais. Check-out also SisterArt creations

Arthouse short movies, performance & audiovisual installation, photography, prints, drawings, story telling.

This multimedia performance installation has taken different forms since its creation in 2009, with the collective I founded named LMCK. LMCK was my first collective of women artists.

BIOSIS, states is a projection, an anticipation based on today's ways of living and acting, overkilled by catastrophism. My story takes place in an enigmatic and uncertain future, maybe it even takes place on another earth. 

BIOSIS is a female figure or oracle I invented to represent life somewhere between the past and the future. She carries a metal armor but she is locked up in a symbolic cage, mentally and physically. Symbols of inactivity and confinement. 

Information, advertising, lottery and beauty are the themes of the four short movies. In 2009, they were projected on the cube while Biosis was trying hard to communicated…

Presented in 2015 during the CAPITAL SOUNDS festival, Food for your senses exhibition, Luxembourg. 

Official selection at the Louis Schmidt prize, 2016, Belgium.