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SILENCE, Theatre Collection Edition


SILENCE, play for two actresses, Théâtre collection, Edition l'Echappée Belle, France, 2024.

A committed action-theater piece that denounces and liberates the use of ordinary murderous phrases through therapeutic protocols inspired by A. Jodorowsky's psycho-magical acts. Co-written by Laure Gervais and Catherine Nowak, aka the SisterArt collective.

To obtain the booklet (french) in Belgium: Filigranes, Tropisme, A livre ouvert. Directly from Editions Echappée Belle or on request

Feedback from our readers

"Simply liberating! "

"I realize that my whole life has been built on murderous phrases... and SILENCE offers me ways to free myself from them."

"Spicy and invigorating little book, well put together"

"I liked the way it combined poetry and theater. A must-have for everyone"

"I read, loved and laughed, I'm waiting for the sequel"